Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 1/2 Months


Am I cute or what??!

Ready for work

Miss Susie - Baby Sitter

3 1/2 Months

Bootcamp Ready!!!

Valentine's Day

Pics almost 4 months

Pa had foot surgery and we made a get well sign for him.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun with Trey

3 1/2 Months

Trey started rolling on his side and grabbing things with his hands this month. He is cracking up and it is the cutest thing EVER!! I love it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pic 2-3 Months





3 Months

It's been AWHILE since I've written in the blog...mostly because I received a baby book and have been working on that as a "hard copy" of Trey's baby memories. Trey is really, really cute. I think because his head is still small and he is still bald and has the brightest blue eyes. He has a really good complexion and when he smiles his dimples are getting bigger. I always say that I can still tell he is smiling when he has his pacifier in his mouth by his dimples and his expression eyes and eyebrows.

Trey is definitely expressive with his words as well...we call his language "Whinese" or he comes from "Whinesville". LOL! That's probably not real nice, but we are realists in this house and don't sugar coat anything. That is probably the Midwesterners in us. He mostly whines when he is hungry, tired, or needs changed. SO, he is usually hungry 23 out of the 24 hours in a day...ha! That boy can put down some milk!!! And he is not chubby at all. He still has pretty skinny legs, but abs of steel!!! We are just hoping that he grows out of this Whinese Language soon. :) And maybe he will sleep through the night in the next few months? He must be growing fast.

I do love these things:
1. When I rock him he always hugs my neck.
2. When I wake him up in the morning he smiles like crazy at me.
3. When I sing to him he stops crying immediately and listens intently (no matter how bad it is).
4. When I do funny things he cracks up laughing and the sounds that comes out of him makes everyone laugh so hard.
5. When I feed him he always holds onto my fingers.
6. He is not scared of Ellie and will try to pet her and play with her.
7. When he poops, he lets everyone know it and grunts like no one's even watching and his face turns beet red.
8. He smiles at my friends and at strangers and makes them feel special.
9. Even when he has his pacifier in his mouth you can tell he is smiling by the dimples on each side of his cheeks.
10. I love how "aware" he is at such an early age. He knows what's going on around him and his big, blue eyes lock on what he is focused on.