Sunday, May 29, 2011

Almost 7 Months - First Camping Trip

We went camping (okay, we went for one day because it was so hot and the mosquitos were horrible)...but it was fun and Trey lasted all day! He unfortunately got chiggers (Rich gets them all the time) and I get mosquito bites very easily so this poor little boy is going to get eaten up!

I just watched the first video of Trey since he was born. Rich was giving him a bath and it was so cute. You could tell he was so tired and just wanted to sleep but they were bathing him and keep waking him up. I fell in love all over again.

Trey is jumping in his "Johnny Jumper" right now, which is his new favorite toy. He jumps and jumps for hours!!

He is getting cuter every day and starting to sit up on his own. Anytime I have food in my hand (no matter what it is, he wants it!) He will try to muscle his way to get his mouth on it and then gnaw and suck on it. It's hilarious! He can put his pacifier back in him mouth by himself and is interested in different toys. Today I had a new toy that shows you what the animal says and he started shaking and his eyes got really big because he wanted to play with it. Really cute. :)