Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Office Baby Shower

My office at Keller Williams had a shower for me and they got me a jogging stroller! The gift I've always dreamed of. :) That is a serious statement. It is crazy how people will come out of the woodwork and do the nicest things for you when you are getting married or having a baby. Every day someone compliments me on "OHHH, you are so cute!" I just smile and say thank you because I always remember saying that to ladies that I saw pregnant and they would always look at me like, "REALLY? Are you kidding me???" I see these pics and I think to myself, "Oh I hope the swelling goes down in those tree trunks, I mean legs!" LOL! But, I am so blessed that God trusts me to carry a baby in my stomach! What an honor and what a privilege!

Esther's Follies

This past weekend we went downtown with Rich's best friends and their wives. We went out to eat at Z Tejas and then went to the Comedy Club called Esther's Follies down on 6th Street. It was hilarious!!! Even though my back was killing me sitting there all night, it was worth it. Nicki Kincaid is 4 1/2 months pregnant as well and they think they are also having a boy...so that should be fun. Dawn Blackwell is in the first picture with her "not pregnant" sign up...we laugh because Steph and Mike Tippit are also trying to get pregnant so I hope that happens and it will be BABY HEAVEN!!! :)

Third Trimester

Well, I am officially in my Third Trimester! Unbelievable!!! People say, "TIME FLIES" but not really when you are pregnant! I always say, "Time stays still right in my booty." HA!

They say my baby is about 15 inches long and 2 1/2 lbs now. WOW! That seems big. When I read about the growth they always compare the size to things I don't even know what they look like...for example, it says the baby is the size of an eggplant right now. ??? Throughout the months they have also compared it to a fig, turnip, avacado and spaghetti squash. They can't do better comparisons than that??? LOL!

I don't feel the baby kicking much throughout the day when I am active (which is most of the day)...but as soon as I stand still this baby is kicking and moving and turning. The other day he had his butt pushing up on one side of my belly and so I pushed it down and something came up on the other side..it was funny. I think this boy is SO USED to being in motion in my belly all day that it doesn't know what to do when I am still. But I think he must be working out in there.

I will write more later...I have got to go personal train then teach volleyball lessons. :)

He just kicked a good one right now. :)
I will always try to teach my child...God will always reward you for being honest.
Better to be poor and honest than rich and dishonest. Proverbs 19:1 (LB)