Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Visit

6 Months

Well, Trey is now 6 months...the days are long but the months go by fast. It was probably the most tiring 6 months of my life, but worth it of course. Trey is finally turing the corner...sleeping through the night (unbelievable)...he's been rolling over on his stomach for a month now. It is funny to watch him as he gets ready to go to sleep...he tries so hard to turn as he swings himself over and over until he finally gets in his stomach.

He laughs all the time. He thinks it's funny whenever I smile at him or yell crazy things. Trey has the biggest, bluest eyes and that is the first thing everyone says when they see him. Then he will smile at them and they comment on his dimples. His smile is different than any other smile I've seen. It's precious. Just this past week I have finally been able to have a sigh of relief as he is more self sufficient and eating solid foods. One of the first foods he ate was a huge plate of mash potatoes at Chili's. HA! Everytime I feed him he gobbles up the food like he has never eaten and he is still in the 30% for weight.

Trey comes to my Bootcamp classes in the morning because we have swim lessons right after. In class he will sit there and not make a peep for the entire hour. That is amazing for a little baby like this. Then he makes it through swim lessons (I call it "swim team") Everyone laughs. He LOVES the water...he kicks his little feet and will reach for the ball. He is the youngest by at least a year but never cries and is very good the whole time.

I know everyone thinks their children are very special and I am no different. I just love to watch everyone interact with Trey. He goes every where with me. He is so adapted to being on the go! I finally feel NORMAL as a mom. I was made to be a mom...I had no doubt I would definitely have children one day. I could have 50 of them...but I got started a little late in life. Rich was hunting this past weekend and so I took Trey to Sunday School and then to a church service to watch Stephen McGee (Cowboy quarterback)speak about being a Christian. Trey sat through it all. Well, he bounced through it all. He can jump on your legs for hours!!! And he did. That's why his legs are so skinny.

We are creating quite a bond. I can tell he feels safe with me. But I like the fact that he will still go to anyone that wants to hold him as well. This baby is awesome. He really is.

I will try everyday to keep him on the path of the Lord.