Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Dad - Richard Lee Elsasser II

Rich got a Superintendent Job at Fayetteville Schools a couple of weeks ago, at the age of 36. He is very excited and he has worked really hard to get a position like this.

Your dad's birthday was yesterday and he turned 37. Trey, your dad is about as loyal as they come. He is very trust worthy, has great morals and values and will work very hard to support our family. He leads by example and never demands respect. People want to follow him and they want to be like him. He rarely curses and keeps an even temper. Except he did just give you your first spanking. YIKES! You wouldn't stop messing with the cords on the DVR player and he spanked your bottom. You gave out a little "yell" and scrunched your eyes up and crawled to me... but that was it. I'm telling you, Trey, you are strong like your have a high tolerance for pain. We have tile floors and whenever you fall I will hear your head hit the ground and I cringe and run over to you...and you just keep crawling like nothing happened. It hurts me more than it hurts you.

Your dad is very laid-back and likes to "chill out" and watch his crazy TV shows (like American Picker and Swamp People) but when I ask him to do something, he can do the work of 16 men. It's unbelievable. He can move anything, build anything, fix anything, wire name it. If I want a little shed built, he scratches it down on paper and then builds it himself. He is going to teach you so much as you grow up. He never "needs" anyone...he is proactive and does everything himself (because he always likes it a certain way). Well, he does depend on me, you will see that as you get older. He asks what he should wear and I cut his hair and fix dinner, plan his social life and I make sure that he attends church and volunteers. He doesn't like big social events, but when I get him there he always enjoys himself.

He likes country music and knows every old school country song by heart. I grew up with more R&B music so it is funny to combine the two cultures. I love to dance to "dance music" and your dad doesn't like to dance so much, so he just watches. LOL! He will two-step with me to country music. I can't wait for you to see our different personalities and see you who take after. I try to dance for you sometimes and you laugh...I want you to try and learn some rhythm early!!! Your dad and I share the same morals and values and we like to chill out together and lay in bed and watch've already joined us and will lay between us and watch TV with us. Ellie lays at our feet so we have the whole family with us. :) It's fun.

I just thought you would like to know a little about your dad. You are a blessed little boy, you never have to worry - unless you do something bad, your dad will let you know! :)

I love you, my little Trey.

8 months!

FUN! I can finally text from my phone to my Blog! I have not Blogged in so long because my world has been a bit crazy! Anyway, in the last month - between 7 and 8 months...Trey has gotten two teeth, a bit more hair, can crawl as fast as a cheetah, eats everything that is put in front of him, pulls himself up to a standing position and loves anyone who will give him attention.

I read a book to him for the last week that my mom gave to me and he can push the squeeky noise and interact with the book. It's so fun...I never thought we would get to this think they are just going to stay a sleeping baby forever.

He laughs all the time and screams at the top of his lungs to communicate.

When I come to get him at his babysitters, he sees me and starts crawling towards me with a huge smile on his face. It's so cute.

Ellie and Trey play together a lot and Trey will laugh so hard while Ellie bites at his toes and tries to play with his toys.

Whenever I take Trey to the store/bank/out to lunch with all of my girlfriends he is always the center of attention...I love that he does not cry when people try to talk with him and hold him. He is a special little guy and his blue eyes are awesome.

SO YUMMY!!! I am blessed!