Sunday, September 4, 2011

Driving the grocery cart!

Trey getting away from me while I am trying to change his diapers. He tries to climb to the top of the bed and laughs the whole time.

La Grange

Since we've moved to La Grange, Trey has gotten to see a lot of farm animals. He is not scared of any of them. This is Trey with a heifer. Mommy was in the car because they were smelly with flies all over them.

Grocery Store...

I am at the grocery store a lot with Trey and he will smile at anyone. :) We are there all the time because my boy can EAT! A BUNCH!!! Last time I was at HEB a woman ran out to my car who worked there and said "Ma'am I just wanted to see your baby, he is so cute."

He is so sweet when he is sleeping...

First time on a football field...Trey LOVED crawling all over the field as fast as he could!