Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Well, it was a long, fun weekend...we went camping with about 10 families this past weekend...about 20 parents and even more kids! It was a lot of fun...played Euchre (reminded me of the good ole Midwest) and hung out at the beach while the kids played in the water. All of the girls did cheerleading poses and pyramids and their kids were mortified. We were laughing. Tent camping isn't the best when you are pregnant, but I still loved it. However, Ellie slept with us and freaked out at every noise she heard, so sleep was minimal. Poor Ellie had burs in your fur from head to toe...the worst I've seen. When we got home and after she took a long nap (she was exhausted) we shaved her and it is a funny sight to see!!! She looks like Edward Scissorhand got a hold of her!!! She has been tearing up every piece of Kleenex she can find lately and hides all of my socks. And then she goes and plays with her little pirate dog buddy that Rich won for her at the Houston Rodeo, this dog is bigger than her. (Pics above)

I am finally wearing sunscreen every single day...I can't believe it, I've always been addicted to the sun...I MEAN ADDICTED!!! I am going to put sun block on my kids every chance I get...I don't want them to turn out like me! EEEK!

This Friday my Godson, TJ, gets adopted! FINALLY! 1 1/2 years in the making! He is the cutest little boy...doesn't say much, but has big blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. And he calls Ellie, "ELL BELL" he yells it and chases her. I will be going to Bandera this Friday to attend his adoption. I am so happy for the Scott's!!! Kelly and Derek never really complain about how hard it is to be a parent and I love that. :)

Kelly gave me TONS (I MEAN TONS) of boy clothes to go through...I had the time of my life...it was like Christmas but BETTER!!!!!!!!!! And it's free!!!!! I was so excited to go through every single piece of clothing! If I didn't know if I liked something I would take it into Rich and say, "What do you think?" He would say he either liked it or it was too girly. He likes only "rugged" stuff and camouflage!!! This boy is going to have to be a football playin' hunter!!!!

I am about to take a nap, I had 4 classes to teach today and I am tired. Jr. is starting to tell me when he's had enough exercise. I can't wait to start to feel him kick and move in my belly!!! I will love it! I start my Ultimate Bootcamp at 6am tomorrow (I am not a morning person!) and also start personal training one of my friend's 14 year old girls. Should be interesting. That age always is.

"Children seldom misquote you. They more often repeat, word for word, what you shouldn't have said."
- Mae Maloo

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