Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Large Jicama...

A large jicama is what they say my baby can be compared to right now. Who knows what a large jicama looks like????!!! Not me. Anyway, I do know that it is about 17-18 inches long and about 4 lbs! I am going to have a baby next month! YAY!

This weekend we had a busy one - it was Labor Day Weekend. Friday we went to the GT Football Game...it was hilarious walking up those stairs as our seats are all the way at the top. I was like, "Please don't let anyone I know see me try to walk up these stairs..." And of course every couple of feet someone would yell, "Hey Jen!" It was embarrassing as each step felt like it was Mt. St. Helens. :) Gtown won, so that was good!

Saturday Rich's sister came into town and we had a fish fry at our house. It is always great to have tons of kids swimming in the pool and people in my house having fun.

Sunday we spent the day with Rich's family and Gianna and Mason. Mason still doesn't do much, but he is cute. And then Sunday night we went to Jill Marshall's house for Paul's birthday. They had it catered by Pappasitos (SO GOOD) and they had an outdoor theater...it was REALLY cool. The kids were loving it! We just sat by the pool and ate and talked.

A full weekend of friends and family is what I love. I love being part of the community and spending time with others. I feel blessed with my life! With my job I get to motivate people to be healthy and I get to work out in the process! I just love it! People are like, "You are due next month and teaching all of these classes?!?!" I think it's a God thing, he will give you the strength and energy for what you are truly meant to do.

We thought of another name for our baby, Jase...I like it. :) But Trey still is in the front running. "T" I would call him.

If I ever have a girl...the names I like are Emma, Drew, Kendall, Aiden, or Addi. For the second boy we could do: Jase, Aiden, Beau (I'm still pushing for it!), or Bradon.
I like this Scripture...it is so true that if you are wise, you will use your words for healing and making people feel good about themselves. That is why God gave us words....

Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing. Proverbs 12:18 (NLT)

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