Thursday, October 21, 2010


I had a huge birthday party at La Playa (a Mexican Rest in Gtown)...we had our on little private room and about 18 girls came. It was fun and I really felt blessed! I felt a little overwhelmed because I just had several baby showers...but I had no idea 18 people were coming.

They sang happy birthday and I stood up on a chair and did a little dance...doesn't everyone do that at 9 months? LOL!

What a year! Ellie turned 1 on October 23rd...I kept saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE BELLY!!!" She did not know what was going on. :) We have our 1 year anniversary coming up in 2 days. I guess we have so much going on, I haven't thought about it much...maybe I need to do something special! Maybe the baby will come that day!

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