Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy days of being 9 months...

This morning started out by Trey eating Ellie's poop. Yes, eating Ellie's poop. Since we've moved, I can't let Ellie in the backyard for hours on end like I used to, so she is inside a lot and ends up pooping on the floor. I was on the phone with the IRS getting tax stuff together and Trey was crawling around on the floor beside me. A little later he started to vomit (in 9 months, he has never thrown up)...and out came some brown balls...I thought is was dog food, but then I saw it on the floor. I called Wess and Dawn (luckily Trey's physician is Rich's best friend) they said to call Poison Control and this might be the funniest part...the lady from Poison Control said, "How can I help you?" And I said, "Well, my son just ate my dog's feces." I wasn't sure what else to say. Anyway, everything turned out fine...everyone has funny stuff to say like, "He is full of crap, etc..."

Trey is certainly a crazy one. He likes to crawl to the top of the couches and jump back down. He can get out of his high chair by maneuvering his way down. And yesterday he flipped out of stoller and I caught him mid-air. Oh dear...I am going to have my hands full. He is so freakin' cute though you want to eat him!!!

Love you, T-Dawg (Runs with Poop) your new Indian Name LOL!

I prayed for you today that you would have a Christian soul. That you would be a blessing and not a burden for others...that God would take care of you.

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