Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Months...

Welcome to our pre-baby website! Since so many of my friends and family live far away, I wanted to have a journal to keep loved ones updated on the progress of JR (JenRich). Please feel free to visit anytime...

I am starting my first entry in this blog at 2 months pregant. Why so late? Because I have been so nauseous and laying in bed!!!! I always thought I was one tough cookie until I started growing a little one inside me. I was down for the count. Never any puking...I've just literally felt like I have been "car sick" for 2months...but on a positive note, I know it will all be worth it because this has been my dream for the last 36 yrs (as my husband always likes to remind me, "You wanted this for 36 looong years." Love him. I'm am writing this journal not only for my family and friends far away but for my little one as well so he/she can read about the good times in my belly!!! We call our baby JR for now...stands for Jen and Rich.

I found out I was pregnant while Rich was in Michigan with his dad (I call him #1)...I was going to drink a glass of wine and thought, "Maybe I should check to see if I was pregnant first..." so I had bought a Dollar Store pregnancy test and the results came back with 2 lines...what did that mean? So I started to read the instructions as my little dog, Ellie, looked at me with her head turned to the side. I finally read that two lines meant it was a positive outcome. I started telling Ellie...oh my goodness, the first positive test came back and I used a Dollar Store one? So, I said, "Ellie, let's get in the car and go get a the mac daddy test..." We drove to CVS and got a $30 digital one that came up either YES or NO. So, I came home and instantly it came up YES. I called Rich several times and text messaged him a picture of the two positive tests. No answer...I was dieng! So, after stalking him a little more he finally called me and said, "What's going on?" I said, "Did you get my text picture?!?" He didn't really understand what they were...he thought it was a thermometer. (Hey, it's better than my dad, he thought it was a picture of a running gadget that I was sending him...) I finally said, "I AM PREGNANT!" I think he was in shock as he said, "Wow...are you sure that's a pregancy test that you used?" Oh dear... A couple of weeks later we went to the doctor and saw JR for the first time...the heartbeat was beating so fast! I said to Rich, "He is so cute, isn't he???" (I say HE for the sake of pronoun use). JR was the size of a rice grain. I saw Rich for the first time with the biggest smile on his face and even some excitement! (If anyone knows Rich, he is pretty much 'even keeled' when it comes to emotions...) Not like his wifey who is more peaks and valleys!!!! I like to think TONS of PEAKS!!!

I sent my sister and nieces the picture of my positive tests and my sister called me screaming...Peyton got on the phone and said, "You know, you can't be so loud anymore...babies need to sleep. You are even loud with me and I'm in the 5th grade!" My little mother hen. We called Rich's sister and she told us that she was pregant, too! How fun!!! She is having a little baby boy. This Christmas (or Thanksgiving) should be a little different this year...I love it, because I LOVE BIG fun! Gianna said to Erin, "Tell Jen to bring her baby to my house right now." :) She is funny. Erin is due in August and the doctor told me I am due November 24th...but when I do calculations on the computer I should be due October 31st...hmmmm, I go back to the doctor on Wednesday so we will see!!!

These last 2 months we've gone to the Houston Rodeo with friends Mike and Stephanie Tippit and my parents came down to visit last week. I had to take naps every afternoon which I think was a different experience for my parents as they are used to seeing me constantly run around (as my dad says, "Always in perpetual motion"). JR did get to climb to the top of Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg with my parents and Ellie made it, too! (and my mom).

I've been teaching my Bootcamp classes, Step Aerobics, Lunch Crunch, and Cardio classes and still doing Real Estate, so thank goodness I have 3 closings this month...JR needs a new pair of shoes! I will continue this journal later... I THINK (knock on wood) I am finally on the upswing of feeling better...

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