Sunday, April 11, 2010

Capital 10K

JR ran his first 10K today! It was tough to go slow as people passed me I wanted to say, "I'm running slow because I'm pregnant!" LOL! I wonder if this child is going to be as competitive as his father and me? Rich ran a 46 min. and even stopped 3x. It was raining the whole race, so I didn't want to fall as it has the most ridiculous hills. Rich and I saw so many Moms and Dads running with strollers...he said he wanted to do that next year...I remember YEARS ago training for marathons and acting like I was pushing a jogging stroller and my friends would laugh. Every time I see a baby or child I want to eat them up!!! God has put the love of children in my heart since I was young and he has taught me PATIENCE by waiting to have my own. But I have loved helping my friends and family with their own children. It is my passion in life.

I saw someone I worked with at the race and she said, "I noticed you were getting a little pudgy around your belly so I wondered if you were pregnant..." Ohhhh dear...if anyone knows me, that is the last thing to say to me...BUT, nonetheless, Richie, #1 (Rich's dad), and I went to Red Robin and got ourselves a big fat Guacamole Burger (my mom would pronounce it Guatemala), fries, and finished it off with a milkshake....mmmm, mmmmm! Came home and slept the rest of the day...I have started to become one with my bed...not good.

Tomorrow back to Bootcamps and classes...

I am going to try to get Rich to write something sometime this week...we'll see!!!

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