Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Start to the Day!

I taught Bootcamp and then went to Bible was the last one. I told my Study Group that I was pregant and they were very excited. The first day we told each other what we are working on and I said, "Getting pregnant..." so, they were all excited that it happened by the end of Bible Study. Beth Moore is amazing...this series was about BREAKING FREE of our bondage and things that hold us back from living the best life possible!!! I love that. When I leave Bible Study I feel like I can conquer the world. Bistro on the Alley catered it and I had Tomato Basil soup and it reminded me of having lunch here in Gtown with my parents when they visited. I chowed down so much that my mom looked at me with big eyes and couldn't believe how much I could eat. In Bible Study this morning they let me go through the buffet line first first (out of 100 women) because they knew how hungry I was!!! Ha!:)

In Bible Study we wrote down things that we are going to work on to help free us from bondage. I wrote:
1. Make every decision with God in mind.
2. Bloom Where I am Planted! Live in the moment - not wanting what others have, not wanting someone else's life or body. Instead, live a Godly life full of blessings for everyone involved.
3. Let my pregnancy be guided through God and raising my children through God's grace.
4. Love my husband, family, friends and others with all of my heart and GIVE everything I have with the love that God has for me.

Last night I went over to the Hermans and I made pizzas and cookies with the was fun. Ellie came over with me because the kids love to play with her. Ellie is definitley getting a dose of what it is like to have kids around. Everytime I looked, Ellie was on another adventure...whether it was jumping on the trampoline, or sliding down a slide with the kids, or in an office chair going around as fast as Darsen could spin. Ellie never made a peep, just looked at me like, "Help!"

Time for my nap, work, doctor's appointment and then Bootcamp.

I am leaving you with a gift--peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.
John 14:27

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