Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Busy Day...

Tuesdays are always my crazy workout days at the Rec Center. I just taught Bootcamp, Step Aerobics, Lunch Crunch and Quick Cardio. JR and I are TIRED!!! :) I love to come home to my bed and take off my shoes and chill...which means I now work on Real Estate.

I'm watching Dr. Oz...I really like this show! (Rich thinks he makes this stuff up - ha!) But he always has good health information.

I felt good today (always just a little nauseous, but I am craving "good for me foods" which is nice for once.) I've been craving pizza and burgers and fries, etc...but I can now handle nutritious food, too!

My friend Jeanette called me today and said that her friend who was very nauseous during her pregnancy has a wild child! OH NO! Well, this baby is going to be one way or the other...extremely hyper like me or "comatosed" like Rich. :) Rich said he will take care of the children that like to take naps and the children that run around will be my responsibility...LOL! NICE!

When I come home I always take Ellie out of her crate and today I was holding her like a baby and rocking her...she was looking at me like I was crazy. But she just laid there and looked at me. Her "doggie smell" is slowly killing me and I've been begging Rich to give her a bath. He thinks it's funny.

Rich won't be home for dinner as he has to work, so I am going to make pizzas and bring them over to the Herman's house. Her kids are so fun and I love doing Emery's hair in braids and then she wears them to school the next day. I also need to practice making "kid friendly food."

I go to the doctor tomorrow, so I am excited to hear what he has to say...but never excited about getting on the scale! I wonder if he will be able to tell what gender it is???? AHHHH! That will be exciting!

I need to start getting into The Word again...this should be the most important part of my child's life! I will start writing a quote each time I do a blog. Always words to live by:
"Every decision we make in life not only affects ourselves, it affects everyone around us...especially our children."

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