Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lots of stuff...

Just trying to catch up on the lost days that I didn't write anything. Over the weekend we went to the Kyser's house to shoot guns (this is the Elsasser's best friends). I really like shooting...I think it's the competition in it and the thrill of holding something that is so powerful. I want to shoot that bullet in that red bull's eye more than anything. I did pretty good! Almost every single shot was in the bull's eye or close! :) I think Jr. would be proud of his mama! On the way home there was a car that was crossing the road in front of us...she was going about 80mph and didn't know her road came to a dead-end. Her car flew up in the air and landed about 250 yards into a field. I called 911 and had Rich talk to them. Very scary when you are the first one at the scene of an accident. Rich and #1went to help her and they found that she had been drinking...I thought to myself, "This is one thing I will try to instill in my children is to not drink and drive." My mother always said, "If you do, they could take our house and home!" So that always stuck in my head because I didn't want my parents to be homeless, funny as it sounds, but it worked. The lady was okay, amazingly...but definitely had some bones protruding through her skin.

The next day Rich went to his "Concealed Weapon Class" so that he was able to carry a weapon if he wanted. Not growing up with guns, it's a new concept for me...but he is very safe about it and was proud of himself that he got the top score in his class. He text messaged me on the way home, "I'm packin'"...I started laughing.

This week the Specialist called from the hospital and said that the test results came back "negative" for any genetic diseases! THANK GOODNESS!!! I don't take anything for granted and am so thankful that my baby looks healthy! I get to find out in 2 weeks what I am having...I am very excited! I think it is a boy...we will see!

I had been feeling better and then for the last 2 days I started throwing up...I was laying in bed 2 nights ago and I looked at Rich and said, "I am going to puke..." I went to the bathroom and sure enough I did. He was trying to be so helpful by asking what I needed and getting me water and a wet rag...anyway, I have found out that after I throw up, I feel better!!! HMM!

Last night I went to the hockey game...I do it for Rich...he LOVES these games. Again, I felt sick and went to the restroom and threw up...I actually don't mind it at all because I puke and then say, "I am thankful I am pregnant!!!" People must think I'm crazy. I came back to my seat and started eating my Skittles again. Rich just laughs. I'm not sure he understands this whole pregnancy thing.

I talked to my niece, Peyton, yesterday and she played me her song that she did at the recital...she is really good! Then she played me about 10 more songs and I listened to them while I cooked was awesome. She even played me songs that I taught her about 5 years ago! She has such a good memory...and it made me feel good that I actually taught her something that she can "keep". She is so smart and such a doll.

Well, I am off to teach some Bootcamp...luckily I feel good today! It's 98 degrees out so I will keep them inside. Whew...summer is here.

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