Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally a birthday celebration...

The first pic is of my belly (JR) and Rich's hand celebrating his dad's first birthday!

I think it is so important to have get-togethers and a Bday party for Rich because he doesn't really care if he has them or not. He is an introvert and could go months without seeing on the other hand...I LIKE TO BE WITH PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!!!! So, every time I get him to be a part of a party or celebration he loves it and always comments on how much fun he had. :) That's why I always say it should be interesting to see what type of personality this baby boy will have! :)

For Rich's bday we went back to the same restaurant (notice the same sombrero). Herman's got him a shirt that says, "Proud to be AWESOME" That is hilarious because that is so not his personality!! He loved it and actually wore it last night as we had a Euchre tournament at our house. I wanted to start this little club with some of our Midwestern friends because it makes me feel like a piece of the 'home' is with me. We had a blast!!! Rich was in rare form and it is great to see him laugh and let loose every once in awhile (rare form just mean really talking up a storm and laughing his butt off).

Elliotts got him a gift certificate to Best Buy...he LOVES technology...but I want him to buy a good camera for the upcoming baby moments! :) We'll see!

Back to his birthday, I had planned with some of the city workers of Gtown for weeks to get signs and stadium benches from the football stadium that Rich played on while attending school. They are tearing down this stadium and building an ampitheater. I ending up getting every sign on this stadium as well as 4 big benches from the home side for Rich and his 3 best friends, Mike, Wess, and Chris. He LOVED them and it meant a lot to have a piece of these awesome memories. When the ampitheater is built I will always remember being pregnant trying to get these signs off the building with the help of Bonnie Elliott and her was hilarious!!! Trying to get these old signs off the building using manual tools in 100 degree heat. I finally used Jr. to my advantage to help get those signs off - some workers came with their power tools, finally. :)

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