Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pulled Muscle

I ended up pulling a muscle around my rib cage last week and it has gotten worse. I guess when you combine a pulled rib muscle with a baby who is now 2 lbs and your stomach is growing up under your ribs, it is a wonderful feeling! LOL! So, I am laying in bed while Rich is at Sunday School. I am proud of him because he usually doesn't go if I can't go. When I told him I had to stay in bed he looked at me in shock and said, "What? You never miss because it is so important to you." Things usually work out this way...I have subbed for many classes this month(including doing my own classes) and have started showing a lot more property as I am trying to make as much money as I can before I have this baby...well, now I am out for at least a week, so with the money I will be losing, I am back to where I began! I was doing wayyy too much and never had time for anything else...even this here I sit with a heating pad and faithful Ellie by my side (she hasn't left my side in 2 days). I just want to be sure the baby is taken care of first and I know I can't be in this much pain while going through, rest is all I can do for now. It's humbling.

I told Rich to take his Bible to Sunday School and to start writing little notes and scripture that mean a lot to him. Down the road we can give these Bibles to our children (or they can have them once we are gone) and it is the best gift for them to be able to read our thoughts and some of our favorite scriptures. I started doing this over a year ago in one of my Bible Studies...I should find it to see what I wrote!

Okay, I hobbled out to my car got the Bible and it is a gift from my grandmother...
I wrote: My Grandmother, Betty Unckrich, gave me this Bible. She is an incredible Christian woman that has mastered GRACE in all sense of the word. She has followed the word of God throughout her life and at the age of 91, she has affected many people in a positive "light". She has instilled in us: to spread "light" to the world- not darkness. And to always be a BLESSING...not a burden. That was definitely my Paw Paw's motto as well.

This is very interesting because I wrote this when I wasn't even MARRIED yet:
I am writing in this Bible with love for the Lord. Every word is for my child that I do not even know yet. But the love I already have for my future child is the love the Lord has for me. Read this Bible and all of my notes I've written,...I have been through many life experiences...but nothing takes the place of following the Lord and being FAITHFUL!!! It is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life - but the most rewarding. When you follow the Lord - you do not have to worry about anything else! God will take care of you. I love you.

Awwe, that's sweet if I do say so myself! HA HA!!!!! :) I know I talk about the Lord a lot in this Blog, but I feel this is my Christian journal as well and this is my time to reflect. :)

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