Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I still don't have my laptop back, so I miss the days of just laying in bed being able to update my Blog...instead I have to sit on a computer chair while my belly is up to my neck. HA!! So, today I am finally feeling good after my ribcage has healed. I taught Bootcamp, then personal trained, then taught 2 volleyball private lessons. WHEW. It tires a mama out!

It is funny how much attention people give you when you are pregnant...it is so funny to see everyone's eyes on my belly and not on my face. People always smile and give me a wave like they know me. I wish everyone was this nice all the time! :)

It is crazy to know that we are going to have this baby in a little over 2 months. Rich's sister had her baby and we went to see him and he was cute! Very tan skin with little skinny legs and arms and big hands and feet. They named him Mason, so that name is now eliminated from the short list we had in the first place. Mason is such a football player name! SOOO, I guess we are back to Richard Lee Elsasser III...I just keep trying to say "Trey" over and over and it doesn't come out very easy. I'm not sure why. I LOOOVE A.J. Elsasser...that's a football name! And I love Beau, too. Rich does not like either name. HMPH!

Gianna and Kacy were hilarious while we were in San Antonio. 4 is a funny age! They can talk and think for themselves and they say it like it is. When we got to Kacy's house she said, "What the HECK are you guys doing here?" What the HECK??" It was so funny. And then when we were leaving she yelled, "Be good to Rich!!!" How do they think of these things?

My little man has started to turn in my belly. It is so fun when he pushes out I will push back and he does it again. We just keep pushing back and forth. How do they know how to do that already!? But when Rich does it, he stops. I laugh because everytime Rich puts his hand on my belly Jr. stops moving all together. I wonder if he can tell the difference between us? The other day Rich was laying on his stomach watching t.v. and I laid cross-ways to stretch my back. My belly was on top of Rich's butt and the baby instantly started kicking...Rich said, "Is that the baby kicking???" I said, "Yeah, the first time you feel him move he is kicking your BUTT!!!!" I thought it was funny.
I liked this scripture because I am definitely a people pleaser...I could run around trying to please everyone, but through the grace of God, I have learned that if you mean to do what is right and you are pleasing God, it doesn't matter if everyone is angry at you...there is nothing you can do about it and God will take care of you.

Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

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