Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Office Baby Shower

My office at Keller Williams had a shower for me and they got me a jogging stroller! The gift I've always dreamed of. :) That is a serious statement. It is crazy how people will come out of the woodwork and do the nicest things for you when you are getting married or having a baby. Every day someone compliments me on "OHHH, you are so cute!" I just smile and say thank you because I always remember saying that to ladies that I saw pregnant and they would always look at me like, "REALLY? Are you kidding me???" I see these pics and I think to myself, "Oh I hope the swelling goes down in those tree trunks, I mean legs!" LOL! But, I am so blessed that God trusts me to carry a baby in my stomach! What an honor and what a privilege!

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