Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling better?

I actually made it through an entire workout with my Bootcamp class this morning. And I am starting to get excited about having a baby because I am feeling good and can talk and socialize and be myself! I can't wait to squeeze this baby and hold it so tight.

I am trying to eat veggies so that my baby is healthy...but they still make me nauseous...I used to go into Souper Salad Restaurant every single day and make myself a big salad (the owners and all of the workers know me personally because of my frequent visits)...I tried to go in there last week and could only eat macaroni and pizza! They were all laughing at me. The owner of the restaurant teaches with Gayle and she told her, "I thought something was going on with Jen when all she was eating was macaroni and pizza!" Nice. Oink. Oink. I've definitely become part of the "clean plate club!" The "hail damage" on my booty is getting bigger...but I am okay with that.

Today I am homesick...I want to shop with my mom, workout with my dad, and hang out with my nieces. :) I am also missing my old frineds that have been in my life forever. I'm sure it's part of the emotional roller coaster ride!

I loved another little story where Kelly Scott told her daughter, Kacy, I had a baby in my belly and she said, "Mommy, how did Shinny (that's what she calls me) get the baby in her belly?" Kelly said, "God put it there..." Kacy said, "No, Mommy, Shinny drank her baby in her belly...ewww that's digusting!" That little girl cracks me up!

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