Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doctor Visit and Dinner for friend's 30th

Yesterday Rich and I had to go to the Temple Hospital (by Fort Hood) to see a Specialist because I am over 35 yrs old. Lucky me! Anyway, it made me nervous as the drive up there was an hour long...I told God, "Thank you so much for blessing me with a pregnancy and if you make this baby healthy I will make sure I live my life to the fullest for You." I know you aren't suppose to "bargain" with God, but for some reason in circumstances like this you seem to do whatever it takes. It is crazy to think in a split second your whole world can change. What if this baby did have Down Syndrome? I finally said to myself, "I will just have to be like my Paw Paw and get all of my friends to work at the Special Olympics." Your thoughts go a mile a minute during times like this.

The doctor finally came in and he took about 10 minutes to explain the whole process...and then we had to decide whether we wanted the test done. We said yes and it was the coolest 3-D images of our baby. Rich said when the baby first came on the screen his stomach was a little queasy because it made him nervous - the baby was so real. It was funny to peek at him as Rich stared at the screen like a proud father. I just wanted to grab Jr from the screen and hold him. It was adorable!!! You could see his little heart beating, all 10 toes and 10 fingers, his organs and how he was connected to my umbilical cord. He was "waving" to us and looked like he was doing "yoga" poses. The baby was being "stubborn" the doctor said (oh great!) and so we tried to get him in the right position so I had to cough to try to move him. When I coughed, Jr would jump up with his hands and feet in the air. He looked like he was like, "Holy crap, what was that???!!!" It was the cutest thing. I wanted to talk to him because I was thinking, "Oh, I hope he is not scared or lonely in there all by himself!" The doctor said everything looked good so far! :) I was so relieved.

I will get to find out the sex of the baby in 3 weeks! FINALLY! I want to know so badly! This is going to be one of the most interesting children I've ever met. I hope it has Rich's height, hair, and brains...and my skin, eyes, and love for people. Rich said he hopes our children get my prettiness, I thought that was sweet. (Even though Rich is always so nice, he doesn't hand out compliments, so you take it when you can get it!) :) And anyone who knows me knows that I love "warm fuzzies" and giving/getting compliments...I hope my child doesn't get my constant need for affection and affirmation.

I asked the doctor if I could still do the Muddy Buddy Race (6 miles of running and biking and swimming through the mud while doing obstacle courses) he said he would not recommend it because if I crashed on the bike or someone ran into me it's not safe for the baby. Enough said for me. Again, I thought I was going to be the one with a little belly doing all kinds of races...well, not so much. So I am going to have a get-together for all the girls and be the picture taker. :)

Tonight I put together a 30th birthday party for my girlfriend, Jennifer McLaughlin. We had it at the mexican restaurant, Dos Salsas, which is the only place to go in Georgetown. It's a regular for all of us. It was fun! I love doing things for others...I wish this could be my job and I could do it all day long! I was the designated driver so everyone could have some margaritas. It's nice to know everyone got home safely. I actually liked being the responsible one!!! :)

I've been thinking a lot about my future...what do I want? What legacy do I want to leave? I think of my grandparents. They have a football stadium named after them!!! I can always think of every excuse not to get involved...such as I don't have any kids in school yet, I work 2 jobs, etc... BUT, my Paw Paw volunteered when he had no kids, grandkids or anyone he was related to at the school. He owned his own company and worked long hours. He had every excuse not to give his time. But he still did...and he gave 100% at everything he did. I wish he was still alive to see my baby be born. My grandparents are the kind of people that you want to be proud of you...EVERYONE respects them the moment they meet them. My grandma has so much grace...when I was young, I always thought to myself, "I will never be as Godly as my grandma or be as good of a person as her." She has really affected me though and I slowly watch myself on the path of my personality is probably like my Paw Paw's and my faith is hopefully becoming as strong as my grandma's. They were incredible grandparents growing up and kept our family together like glue. Thinking about this has given me the drive to know I can do anything for this community, school, athletics, no matter where I am in my life. I always feel the more I GIVE the more I GET BACK. I thrive on it. Even though my Paw Paw has been gone for many years...his legacy is still alive today because of everything he did while he was living. That's what it's all about!!! I love my family and everyone who meets them says the same thing. I have watched the "trickle down" affect come from my grandparents, to my parents, to my sister and myself and it will go down to my nieces and my own chldren. That is how you make the world a better place.

Well, I've got Ellie "spooning" me and ready for bed. She is so cute as she has one paw on my arm which mean, "let's go to sleep."

Can't wait to sleep with my baby, too, in the future.

Good night.
I would rather live one day knowing that I did the right thing than live 10,000 days knowing I did the wrong thing.
- Jackie Camplain

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