Sunday, April 25, 2010

Important quotes and information I want to tell my children...

"Be a blessing, not a burden!"

"Bloom where you are planted!"

You cannot be selfish and happy at the same time!

If we live a life away from God, we not only affect ourselves but everyone we are responsible for.

Living a life away from God doesn’t mean God will punish us, it just means we will not get to use his Blessings he has waiting for us!

Getting your own way is like eating a dessert you don’t need…it takes 2 minutes to eat and an entire day to get over the guilt.

Don’t FOLLOW the example…SET the example.

If you have to “hide” something…it is not the right thing to do.

Let your pain be someone else’s gain. When you have to go through something horrible, turn around and help someone else who has to go through the same thing!

When your child grows up in church/Sunday School, that is a tradition and he will always feel comfortable there, so he will want to go on his own when the time comes. If this is not part of his tradition, it is hard to put a tradition in place as an adult.

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