Friday, September 24, 2010

Ellie getting needy...

I think Ellie knows that this baby is about to arrive. She is stuck to me like glue. Not only does she follow me around, but she whines because she wants me to carry her! This is not going to be a good scenario when I have two babies that want to be held. :) I was taking pics of our new tile that just got put in and went to the bathroom and of course there she is, right by my side, so I took pictures of her while I was in the bathroom...yes, only ME...but that's who I am! LOL!!!

Since we couldn't walk on our floors all day yesterday, I couldn't get back to my bedroom where Ellie's cage I had to take her to WORK! I snuck her in the Rec Center and then over to Georgetown Fitness. I put her in this huge bag but her head kept popping out. She sat through Lunch Crunch, 2 Spinning Classes and a Bootcamp. Dear goodness, the things I do for this dog and I was never really a dog lover!!!

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